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Casey Love – Creature Designer

Casey first discovered his love for monster masks when he was a young kid. His parents would take him to the local mall and during the Halloween season several stores would display masks hanging from their ceiling's or high upon the shelves staring down at anyone who walked by. It was these first masks that would leave a life-long lasting impression on this young monster loving kid of the 80's.  Strong doses of Saturday morning cartoons such as Dungeons and Dragons, Thundarr the Barbarian as well as many other imaginative television shows that would also aid in shaping his young mind. This lead to comics, drawing and collecting cool toys...It wasn't until age 24 he began his craft of making his own latex monster masks. His love of mask making quickly grew from a hobby into a full time career which lead into the next chapter of his life, around 2004 he was asked to come work on his first ever SPFX film "The Cave". This quickly began a career in SPFX for film and television, working for industry giants such as A.D.I., Tatopoulos Studios, Steve Wang, The Character Shop, KNB FX, Rick Baker's Cinovation studio and for director Guillermo Del Torro...with hard work and perseverance Casey had worked his way to the top of his career while building a recognized name for his own art work by doing trade shows and selling his original art. Today Casey works full time for Sideshow Collectibles, offers classes and sells his art to avid collectors worldwide. He has become a house hold name in creature design, mask making and for his painting skills. Just to name a few of the films casey has worked on...The Cave, Resident Evil Extinction, The Messengers, AVP Requiem, Wolverine Origins, Cirque Du Freak, Race To Witch Mountain, Trick R Treat, Priest, Predators, Blood (the last vampire), Narnia 3, Percy Jackson & the lighting thief, The Thing (prequel 2011) Wolves, The Walking Dead, and most recently M.I.B. 3 & Pacific Rim. 

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