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CASEY loVE in Person Classes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Casey Love's classes are unique & designed to teach students of all levels using a step by step structure developed by the artist. This results in a more effective way for students to learn & gain knowledge, understand the processes more clearly. Students will learn how to improve their overall design, workflow & imagination!


Many exclusive techniques are shown on using a double action airbrush, trigger control, aim, and practice techniques will be shown on how to quickly improve your overall control of the tool. Also taught in classes are many traditional work flows and techniques such as traditional brush work, sponging, washes, glazes, realistic skin techniques, veining, mottling human & monster skin layers, animal & creature skin patterns, painting realistic eyes, sealing for effects such as wet eyes, slobber, blood, drool and much more...

Provided to each student is a Free paint set of 10-12 Createx colors that students will use in class & take home. One Free resin or latex copy of the model used in class for students to work on and take home. If you cannot make one of the in person classes we offer on line courses. Please look for those classes offered in our "ON-LINE CLASSES" section of this web site. 

With over twenty five years experience you will learn step by step how to improve your own painting or sculpture skill set. Classes are open to all levels from beginner - advanced. Students will need to bring some basic supplies that will be provided in an email at the time of enrollment. 


Classes are located at various locations so please check where the class is being held before signing up. Seating is limited & classes do sell out quickly. 


No cancelations, refunds or credits are allowed after enrollment. Please double check your schedule before enrolling. 

To enroll simply click the Pay Pal button. 

Note: Airbrushes, compressors, and airbrush hoses aren't supplied to students. You must bring your own equipment for the classes. Each student will receive a supply list emailed to them after enrollment listing general supplies needed for class...most of these supplies can be purchased inexpensively through stores such as Walmart.

Thank you, we hope to see you in a future class!

-Casey Love


August 24th class

creatureclass copy.jpg
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Venmo me @Casey-Love-15

October 2024 CLASS 

vlania copy.jpg
8 am-5 pm Sat and Sun.
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Venmo payment to: @Casey-Love-15
Please email to set up a payment plan option listed below...Thank you!

First option: Six installments total... 5 installments at $333.00 and the last installment of $335.00

Second option: Four installments at $500 each

Third option: Two installments at $1,000 each.

All class enrollments are non refundable or transferable. Please check your schedule before enrolling or sending any payments. thank you!

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Photos from past classes:
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