Once there was a time before witches lived & then unkown to man witches were born into this world... nobody knows how or why....all that is known is that, the mother of all witches, the first born, is Cathartis Aura Lamia (Vulture Witch). She was once a beautiful lady until she started tampering with incantations, brews & spells. She started down the path of dark magic recording all she experimneted with as she had a facination for transfiguration. Unfortunatly this back fired while she was tampering with turning herself into a Vulture so she could fly and prey on the dead as she was facianted by Vultures...she thought if she ate the dead she could learn from their past life....this experiement went painfully worng and deformed her into the ugly witch she is now...a family affair as her sister also had a similair mishap.


  • These latex masks are extremely high end quality as they are not mass produced & are limted pieces of art, fully designed, sculpted and hand painted by the artist, each one is unique. Unpainted copies are not available for order. They are not wearbale unless otherwise stated. For display purposes only.