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Pumpkin Witch...She's a nasty one!!! I offer Green skin, Orange Pumpkin skin or my personal favorite the Combo skin green whitch face to orange pumpkin top head fade. Please email me to let me know after placing an order on which skin option you prefer. She also comes withs stringy green sparse hair and you have yourself one ugly Halloween Pumpkin Queen to center your collection and conjure up all those nasty black magic spells on Hallows Eve!!!


  • The masks are not manufactured, these are high end very limited edition collectors items and each mask is custom made to order. Please be patinet as wait times vary but generally can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks. That does not include shipping time. We do not offer rush service. Each mask is casted, seamed, and painted to the highest standards and this art takes time to do. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me and remeber to check your junk or spam folders as I usually respond to emails within a day. Thank you!

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