Long ago… a more savage world existed. Woman were feed into obesity and often times breed with animals, experimented on in horrific ways…..or is this all bullshit???  Who really know’s or cares, cause all that matters is out of this chaos “Pig Foot” was born.  A twisted little half piglet- half humanoid infant was born to this world, tormented his whole life by humans, this ugly little spud’s upbringing was not a good one! When Pigfoot was old enough he hunted down and slaughtered all who made fun of him, all who tortured and tormented him from birth paid with their lives…AND THERE WERE MANY!!!! Following this massacre Pigfoot disappeared, back in the dense woods of what is now known as the Appalachian mountain ranges, whispers of his existence became rumor and rumors became myth’s…and myth became the legend of Pig Foot!!! 


 It is said that squealing moans can be heard in the night, a dreadful sound to those who enter his homeland. Folks now refer to this deformed creature as the “Swine” A nickname given to him due to his horrific appearance. It is said he walks with a limp, one side of his body some what normal almost human but emaciated / slender and muscular much like Iggy Pop….the other side largely deformed and goiter-us, lumpy and one foot is heavy and over grown, clubbed and deformed, which is where he inherited the name “Pigfoot”.  Foot prints have been found and cast in plaster, it’s a hideous sight to see the foot print of toes all mixed with such tumorous deformity, overgrown nail markings that scrap the ground as he drags this heap along…Swine’s foot alone would turn the hardened stomach of any real man tracker into sausage guts boy!!! You better pray to your mamma that you never run into the Swine or you will pay dearly—you hear!!!! 


Now you’ve been warned but you’ll never be ready for the Legend of Pigfoot!!! aka( The Swine).





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